Joe Poisson is a designer & image-maker from Detroit, now living in Madrid.






MiCole is a link navigator designed to help families with young children and technological limitations easily reach their virtual classrooms.

When students were forced into distance learning, the teachers at our local elementary school discovered a problem—that many students and their parents were limited in their abilities to reach their virtual classrooms. With many having access only to mobile devices, we imagined an easier way for these parents to reach their child’s classrooms. One that accounted for the device constraints and navigational complications we were hearing about—and ideally one that would allow young children with a bit of practice to access the virtual classrooms on their own.

My Role: Concept, Art Direction, Wireframing, Prototyping, Graphic Design, HTML/CSS

︎︎︎ Javascript, bolierplate and code review by Aaron Torres. ︎

Our sketches envisioned an always present school logo for easy identification, a streamlined UI and big buttons for ease of use on mobile devices contrast the experience of the existing website. 

Wireframes were created to outline the basic navigation ideas for the code structure. 





We had fun updating the outdated logo, aspiring to make it feel both modern and familiar. The Almond Tree logo combines with text in Sofia Pro Soft to seamlessly integrate with the user interface. 

A high fidelity protoype delivered our coding partner the design ideas. 

Now that the site is up and working we are lookng to involve more local schools in this project.